• Who we are

    Introducing 100 Locals Who Give a Damn – a radically simple approach to giving back to the community in a way that warms your heart while impacting lives right here in our neighbourhood.


    We are a membership-based giving circle inspired by the success of groups around the world, they all do amazing work.


    We are a diverse group of business people. Life is full, time is short. Becoming a member is simple and straightforward; We promise it’s an impactful group you will be proud to be a part of!

  • How it works



    Members commit to attend the one hour-long meeting. They commit to give $100 for the meeting.



    During that meeting, three local nonprofits are invited to give a five-minute presentation on who they are, what they do in the community and how our group donation could make a difference for those whom they serve.


    The Vote

    After the presentations, each member votes for the nonprofit that they would like to see receive the group donation. Votes are tallied, and the charity with the most votes receives the $10,000 on the spot!



    100 locals X $100 each – that’s $10,000 to one local nonprofit in just one hour – now THAT’s impact!

  • Be 1 of the 100

    Become a local that truly gives a damn. Register and we'll get in touch with you soon.

  • Member Resources

    JOIN: And get ready to be a part of something awesome!

    YOUR COMMITMENT = You will do your best to attend our ONE HOUR annual meetings.

    Whether you can attend or not, you agree to submit your $100 donation to the charity

    with the majority vote. THAT's the power of collective giving!

    OUR COMMITMENT: Our volunteer team will put together a fun annual event that

    helps you learn about the needs in our community.

    Next Meeting

    May 2020

    Networking starts at 6.30pm

    Meeting starts at 7.00pm

    Social hour from 8.00-9.00pm

    The Keg Room, Rototuna Shopping Centre, Rototuna, Hamilton

  • Nominations

    Nominations will re-open in March for our May meeting.


    Who is eligible and how do I nominate?

    Criteria to be eligible:

    ♦️ Organisation must be a local not for profit organisation.
    ♦️ If Organisation services a larger area, or is nationwide then 75% of the funds must be spent in Hamilton.
    ♦️ Organisation must have a revenue of less than $250,000.
    ♦️ If organisation becomes one of the final three a representative must be available to present on the night.
    ♦️ Voting will take place by secret ballot and simple majority wins.
    ♦️Ties will be decided by further votes. If a tie persists, the membership will randomly select one of the tied organizations by draw.


    Once nominations have closed, the committee will shortlist three finalists to pitch at the meeting for the opportunity to win the Impact donation. You will be advised if you have been selected as a finalist.

  • You've been shortlisted as a finalist?

    Congratulations! Here's some tips to prepare you for your pitch.

    You’ve got 5 minutes to MAKE YOUR PITCH so be sure to make it COUNT!

    Whether you are the founder, a volunteer or a donor, if you are going to be the representative to pitch the group for funding your organisation, you’ll want to be able to clearly and concisely explain what it does and how it does it. In a matter of five minutes you’ve got to be able to tell what they do, what kind of impact they make and what specifically the organisation would do with the award money. The people sitting in this room have come and are committed to 100 Locals Who Give a Damn because of the simplicity of the model, the community impact and the camaraderie among the group. Use the time you have given to educate and move them. Even if you aren’t chosen as the benefactor for the night, you have an audience of passionate people, eager to making a difference here in our local community, excited to hear your story!


    1) Know the facts!
    Practice your elevator speech. Generally, you should be able to tell the basic story of the work your organisation does in under one minute.


    2) Tell the HEART story!
    Be sure to think of a way to tie in a personal story of those you impact with the work you do so that the group has a very clear understanding and then connection to that work. As you prepare, write down WHY you are involved. If it matters to you, it will probably matter to someone else.


    3) Show them the MONEY!
    Where will the money go!? The people in the room are ready to make a wise choice about where they donate. Those that struggle to define where our group’s financial donation will go (should they be voted as the award recipient) will find they struggle to get those checks written at all. We’re not talking about detailed financial statements here, but rather a strong description of what the funds will be supporting.


    And most of all, remember that you are here because of the great work your organisation is doing! 100 Locals Who Give a Damn is looking forward to hearing from you, so be sure to enjoy the time and have some fun. Good luck.

    *AV system will be available. Please send us any slides you may be using 48 hours in advance of the event date to ensure accessibility.